Review: How to get people talking (digi-political series)


Last Thursday our friends of hosted the third installment of the digi-political series „Politikforelle“ started and organized by the innovative, especially by Ana (thanks again for this one!), and supported by us from

Dania from amazee introduced (Thanks a lot as well!) the white label solution, a – as the title says – web plattform for projects which are bringing together old an young people on different topics and with specific needs. Chaired by the Swiss national councilour Pascale Bruderer – the highest Swiss politician for this year – the plattform has seen a vivid and prosper start.

A key goal in interactive online communications it is of course to get the people to talk – not only to read and listen. How does one get with one’s topics into the focus of a broader public? It’s all about events. And about the key people of the organisations involved.

In the case of Dania described, that because of the older target group’s relatively distance to online media it has been necessary to offer support by telephone, too. Personal contact was (and is) a key point of the strategy. Like it is with the personal engagement of Pascal Bruderer as well: She is currently visiting events organised by contributing organisations, generating new content (pictures, reviews etc.) for the platform.

Another question discussed was e.g., to what extent an intense community management like this can be scaled? Key is the education, support and inspiration of the people inside those organisations to be then able to deliver the management mainly by themselves.

Special guest from the Swiss federal administration
Furthermore Ana managed to get another interesting guest at the table: Matthias Brüllmann, Leiter Sektion Web of the Bundeskanzlei. It was a pleasure to have for the first time in the history of the Politikforelle also a member of the federal administration with us. Mr. Brüllmann gave a quick overview about the strategy of the federal web unit, and showed interest and openness towards the ongoing changes in online communications. It is striking that he is sceptical towards the introduction of a web platform for online participation by the authorities, too. It is a job or duty for civil society, as we believe in as well.

With some remarks and discussions about the SwissID, and peculiarities within administrative and startup-working environments, the session was closed. Thanks again to Moritz of for room, snacks and drinks. Looking forward to the next one.

PS: Have a look at the newest Politnetz-feature. Live in action in Basle at the moment: the problem’s ticker

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